Artist Bio

Katherine Palmers-Needham is a contemporary abstract artist based in Berkshire. She has over 20 years’ experience and an established reputation for fluency in colour, mark making and surface textures. 

After a year studying sculpture in Bath and painting every piece, Katherine realised that painting was her true passion. She completed a BA degree from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London in 2003, graduating with first-class honours. Since then, she has developed her studio practice and has painted in studios across the UK.

She lived in the Middle East for a few years and on her return to England, she saw the art world change dramatically. Social media and selling work online have changed the game, and Katherine is thoroughly enjoying finding new ways to approach her journey.

"Someone once told me that if art was inside you, like a small plant, it will always continue to grow. So, returning to my painting now feels like coming home again"

My Approach

I have found peace and comfort in painting since I can remember. My main interest lies in colour, the qualities of paint application, and the spaces and forms created on canvas. The idea of flooding a wall with colour inspires and excites me.

My approach strives to push the boundaries. My process is an engagement with different materials, challenging the physical quality of the medium through pouring, rolling, and scraping paint.

I’m inspired by the beauty of colour, the layering of mark-making and a study into the passage of time. When you use these techniques, there is a freedom and unpredictability that results in something entirely unique. The aim of my work is to achieve a play of balance, depth, and surface texture to ultimately create rich and inviting paintings.

Enquire Now

Katherine is available for commissioned pieces and her studio is based in Berkshire, UK.If you’re interested in purchasing art or commissioning a piece, contact me to learn more.
I’ll always strive to respond within 24 hours. I look forward to learning more about your space and your artwork goals.

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