The Lines We See

Conversation in Colour

During my recent experiences with lockdown and home-schooling, my priorities shifted, and I struggled to find the inner quiet to paint. But at the start of 2021, I decided that it was time to create again. My new collection, The Lines We See, incorporates other tools alongside the traditional paintbrush. It incorporates the use of scrapers and sanding which changes the texture of the paint. Even when removed, paint can leave a trace and I love how this appears on the canvas. In the collection, you’ll find contrast and the conversation of colour. Sometimes, it’s the simplicity of two colours and their conversation that can speak the loudest.

In the collection, you’ll also find oil bar marks between the sanding. Some of these lines are visible in the final result, whereas others have disappeared the day after their creation. Oil painting requires a great deal of patience. At any one time, I work on up to 10 paintings, which tell a story when linked together.

The Lines We See Gallery

Starting Point (Sold)

I was living in Scotland and working from my new studio in Edinburgh - the colours are Scotland for me.

Summer Bloom (Sold)

The contrast of a mown lawn, the long grass and the summer flowers inspired this painting.

Swell (Sold)

To watch the rise and fall of the sea - I felt so lucky to be living where I was in Edinburgh.

Fray (Sold)

It is only on reflection that so many of the paintings from this time came from living near the sea and watching the horizon from my studio window.

Atlantic Hotel

A series of 9 water themed paintings for the main restaurant.

The Vineyard Hotel

A series of 28 berry themed paintings to be hung in new reception area.


A series of 21 paintings. A private commission for a client who had wanted a feel of spring energy - freshness.

Dewberry Hue

A series of 16 paintings. Commission for a private house.


A piece for the reception which was rented but ended up being purchased.

Blue Drips (£650)

To convey the feeling of gentle rain and to play with the fluidity of the paint to convey that gentle feeling.

Blue Drips II (£650)

To convey the feeling of gentle rain and to play with the fluidity of the paint to convey that gentle feeling.

Pussy Foot (Sold)

Trying to capture a feeling of space and also a sense of gentleness under foot.

Pussy Foot II (Sold)

Trying to capture a feeling of space and also a sense of gentleness under foot.


The collection was inspired by the use of tools other than brushes. I’ve pushed myself to limit the use of colour on each panel while building up the surfaces and texture. This was achieved by using a palette knife to add and scrape paint across the panels, then sanding away the paint. Each layer reveals different history about the paint and its journey, adding depth to the overall piece.

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About katherine palmers-needham

Katherine Palmers-Needham is a Berkshire-based contemporary abstract artist. For over 20 years, she’s been producing custom pieces with a focus on colour, mark making and surface textures. She has extensive experience working to briefs for clients and agents and is available for commissions. Her works are show – cased across the UK.

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